Especialíssimo Program



Cooxupé has over 14 thousand cooperative members, and 90% of this number is composed of smallholder producers who work with family farming. Especialíssimo Program was created to give them more opportunities, bringing them closer to the specialty coffee market with training courses, lectures and professional qualification.

In 2016, SMC and Cooxupé launched their initiative to have more specialty coffees identified among the volume the cooperative receives annually. This required extensive planning that resulted in a number of actions:


Team's technical improvement

In partnership with professors and experts from Brazilian institutions recognized for research and advances in coffee production, SMC and Cooxupé brought more training to all of their 69 engineers and agronomic technicians, as well as improvement for the cuppers.

Courses and training for producers

For producers to be able to invest in quality, it is necessary to share knowledge and relevant information focused on nutrition, crop management, and post-harvest. This is what we did, offering free courses and lectures in the cooperative's centers.

Follow-up for consistency

Besides Cooxupé's support, SMC monitors the results of the program and counts on an agricultural engineer for technical visits with customized guidance for each property. The idea is that the farmers are able to repeat the success in all harvests and knows how to manage their production. It also brings them closer to SMC and the specialty coffee market, presenting a new perspective on this niche.


Wilson e Adália, Sítio Três Irmãos, in Capitólio/MG
They won first place in the Especialíssimo 2020 award.

The program also aims to recognize those who strive to achieve excellence. That is why in 2019 we launched the Especialissimo award.

50 specialty coffees are selected from all those received during the current harvest. They go through our tasters' evaluatio and professionals will rank them according to each samples' score.

In addition to trading their product for a better price through SMC, the producers that enter this list receive a bonus, which increases according to the coffee's position.

"It's a joy to work with coffee. It's not easy, though, it has its challenges, but it's worth it. We have to take care of each tree like a son, with a lot of love and dedication." - Wilson Vicente

Check out the program’s flow right below:


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