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Women's performance in coffee has grown exponentially over the last few years, and the demand for coffee produced by them has increased at the same rate. Showing that they can lead their businesses and gain space in the specialty coffee market, "Donas do Café" comes to bring visibility to the work and SMC's partners. The importance of this project is illustrated through its brand, bringing the personification of the female producers; determined and always keeping an eye on the future.



We want to offer everything that can add to the professional development of our producers so that they achieve high quality results - lectures, workshops, courses, round of talks on relevant topics, and most important: the recognition as female coffee growers for their work with special and selected beans.


The first actions of a planning where the goal is the sharing of knowledge and the union of the women partners of SMC Specialty Coffees:

• Bespoke technical assistance with our Agricultural Engineer:
Felipe Mesquita assists in monitoring - from nutrition and plant health to harvesting and post-harvesting.

• Online meetings wit topics such as:
1. The customer experience in the field/coffee shops/markets and the importance of traceability.
2. The consumption of specialty coffees and the sensorial connection of production with the result in the cup.
3. Market demands and changing consumer habits in the face of specialty coffee.
4. Best post-harvest practices and crop management to improve the bean quality.
5. Testimonials from women involved in different sectors of the coffee chain.

You can check out our live transmissions below:
Donas do Café - The coffee experience through women’s eyes. 20/07/2020.
Donas do Café - Celebrating International Women’s Day.


We select the lots through the "Especialíssimo", a program also in partnership with the Cooxupé Cooperative. The correct handling in the field makes all the difference. With technical support, our female producers cultivate each coffee plant with much love and dedication. See below the testimonial from some of our partners:


"My father left Sítio Córrego do Adão as an inheritance so that I could continue his work. I'm so proud to see the coffee trees he loved so much producing better quality beans and receiving this recognition."

- Fátima Aparecida Jacob


"It is a great joy to know that the coffees we grow here at Fazenda Canta Galo with so much love, reach coffee shops all over the world. I, my family, and our staff, we work very hard to produce specialty coffees, and the partnership with SMC is a great incentive.".

- Andreia Oliveira da Silveira


"Producing specialty coffee was a dream of mine and my husband's since we started in coffee growing together, here at Sítio Baixão da Serra. Today I can say that this is a reality and I feel very happy for it."

- Ana Vanessa Carvalho


"Sítio Bananal Mirim is my refuge. It does me so well that people say I come back from there happier then before. I study a lot about specialty coffee to know best practices for my plots, which by the way, have women's names.".

- Maria Regina Silveira


"Coffee brings people together, and that's what we work for. I found my purpose within this activity. My team and I work hard to have high quality beans in a sustainable environment."

- Josiani Moraes


Donas do cafe CICLO DDC ing

INFORM: Create and bring content to women producers through live broadcasts and meetings - here, we plant the seed of knowledge.

KEEP UP: Follow-up of Cooxupé and SMC technical staff in the field and alignment of production expectations.

COMMUNICATE: Presentation of our actions and the specialty coffees received by SMC, through the project, to our clients and friends.

NEGOTIATE: Opening new businesses and developing successful solid partnerships that will help women grow and improve their activities.

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