SMC belives that being present makes all the difference. Our direct relationship with the specialty coffee producers takes us to the origin; we unite people through coffee and we are proud of being in the market for 9 years working in this increasing segment and always with transparency and responsibility. SMC is a company that was created by Cooxupé, the largest coffee cooperative in the world, to praise the talent and efforts coffee farmers make in order to achieve excellence.

Before arraving at the roasters, cafeterias and restaurants around the globe, there’s a hardwork. To obtain the coffee cherries, each producer keeps up with their coffee trees development, with a clinic eye on the leaves, fertilizing the soil combined their experience and sustainability. The fruits are harvested when reached the perfect maturation stage and after this, passed through several different processes and careful hands.

Our tasters are prepared professionals ready to dectect every aroma and flavor and to guarantee that the beans are in suitable conditions. Our team minds all the details so the coffees arrive to their destination with assured quality.

We put our clients face to face with the producers, creating a longstanding partnership and these are the bonds that define SMC’s path. Quality comes first. Quality in the cup, at work, in life. Solidity follows it, word that translates what we want to set in the market, being a specialty coffees pioneer. At last, but with a great importance, the transparency, so the parts can have exactly what it was promissed, in a fair way.

Along with the specialty green coffee beans, we export stories.

SMC – Specialty Coffees.
Quality – Solidity – Transparency./span>


Offer our clients the perfection of the specialty coffee flavors, from the noblest Brazilian regions, developing a partnership that aims the sustainability and the fair trade.


Being considered and highlighted as the best and the greatest exporter in the segment of fine, specialty and certified coffee.


Honesty and transparency, value people, integrity, respect for clients and producers, committment with sustainability, building solid partnerships.


When talking about our work, there is no way to not mention the origin. This refers to trust. We seek to identify the origin of our coffees, because we know the consumer needs the information about how the production was made. And we always have amazing stories behind each coffee – a family’s tradition combining with innovation, the employee’s effort and a constant persuit for quality and improvement.


• Coffee varietal

The client will know the varietal or varietals that form the purchase. We work with the most known ones in Brazil, like Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Catuai, including other less known as Topazio, Arara and Maragogipe, being this last one considered exotic by some.


• Region

Each region that SMC acts has different weather, soil and altitude characteristics. We know that every factor which influences in the coffee bean quality and conditions is important and due to this we plan a technical form with these information and we answer any further questions regarding locations.


• Producer

Within all the specialty coffee beans there’s the story of who planted, cared and prepared them. Knowing who did all the hard work makes all the difference. We can pass on the families’s information, such as the hectares, the annual production, and other relevant topics.


• Post harvesting procedures

Among natural and pulped natural processes, patios, washers, depulpers, african beds, dryers... It is the expertise of each producer. The wisdom, tied to all these tools, turns the post harvest into an utmost important ritual.


• Certifications, events and contests.

SMC attends to events related to specialty coffees and aims to place the producers in this universe so they can receive more and more knowledge and participate with us.

We always offer the best coffee we have to our clients and we assist the producers with enrollment in quality contests and those which they participated and the prizes they won are within their technical forms.

All coffees with certification are duly indicated and their prizes are delivered directly to the producer.


• Projects and news

When a SMC’s partner farm has projects going on, we make a point record and explain to our clients how they work. News are always interesting, such as new varietals bein tested, studies within the property and events about labor and quality refinement.


• How to manage the sustainability

Being in balance with the nature is substential to produce high quality coffee, in good and fair labor conditions. SMC, in its transparency, presents how the farms are relationing themselves with the environment as much as with their employees and the sustainable practices implanted in daily basis.


• Properties’ Images

So that people feel closer to the reality of the specialty coffee production, besides the visits which can be scheduled, we provide pictures of plantation area, harvest, handling, processing, among others that allows the work’s essence to be passed ahead.


Sul de Minas

This region presents favorable relief and weather to the high quality coffee production. The average temperature fluctuate between 18°C and 20°C and the altitude goes from 900 to1.400 meters, propitiating the coffee culture. It is in South of Minas that Cooxupé’s head office sets itself, the biggest coffee cooperative in the world. The company has created SMC, locating in the same city, Guaxupé, which along with Muzambinho, Nova Resende and Poços de Caldas forms the list of the most recognized cities in the coffee production. In the cup, the beverage presents a velvet body, with sweetness, notes of caramel and almonds, citric and fruity acidity.


With an average altitude of 1.000 meters, this region became traditional when comes to coffee production, and from time to time has shown its potential to supply the specialty coffee market. Divinolândia and São José do Rio Pardo are two of the cities in the list of more than 15 cities located in Mogiana region. The beverage has a striking aroma, smooth and velvet body, balanced acidity and caramel sweetness.


The Cerrado Mineiro region convers 55 cities and among them, the main producing ones are Serra do Salitre, Monte Carmelo, Araxá and Carmo do Paranaíba. During the harvest, Cerrado has presented a drier weather, which helps to maintain the coffee quality, and they end up not suffering with the umidity after the post-harvest. The relief is flatter than in the other regions and it allows to have a mechanized crop . The Cerrado Mineiro’s coffee in the cup has notes of caramel and chocolate, with a citric and soft acidity.