Time to remember our 10 years celebration!

SMC team celebrating one decade in the specialty coffee

SMC completed 10 years in 2019 and during all this time, we have been taking specialty coffees from South de Minas, Mogiana and Cerrado regions to the world, producing areas of high quality beverages that house coffee growers dedicated to their activity and increasingly present in this segment of coffee.

Meeting with our partners and friends

It’s good to also remember some achievements that have been part of our history, such as the Specialty Coffee Program, the Especialíssimo which was created in 2016 by Cooxupé and SMC to give more visibility and opportunity to the 14 thousand cooperative members, instructing and opening doors to market insertion.

Another important achievement to be remembered is the creation of the SMC Warehouse, set up with the highest technology in the country, exclusively dedicated to the preparation of specialty coffees. A totally new structure that shows the growth of the company and the evolution of all the work that began ten years ago.

Participate in Femagri 2018 should also have its highlight. It was the first time SMC was present at the event, bringing its work even closer to the cooperative members, showing that special coffee can be a reality. The success was so great that we could not miss the last editions of the fair. Close to the board of directors and the Cooxupé emporium, SMC had its stand space guaranteed in 2019 and 2020, ready to receive visitors interested in knowing more about specialty coffees.