The (Coffee) Future Is Female

Maria Dirceia Mendes, Fabiana Carvalho, Evelyse Silva e Carmen Lúcia Chaves de Britto

After much planning and a great will to make a difference in the lives of women in the coffee industry, SMC, in partnership with Cooxupé, launched the project “Donas do Café”, an initiative that aims to bring information and training to the cooperative members and partners of both companies, adding to their professional growth and taking increasingly knowledge about the specialty coffee market. The beginning of the project, which at first would be a meeting at the headquarters of the cooperative, gained an online format; a transmission with important guests who took some of the experience as women in coffee in different areas of the sector.


On the live that happened on July 20th, the chat approached the experience that coffee provides both to those who work with it and to the consumer, bringing the woman’s look from end to end, talking about production, marketing and sensory side.


Carmen Lucia Chaves de Britto is the owner of Fazenda Caxambu and was president of BSCA – Brazilian Association of Specialty Coffee, which SMC is a member since its creation. Better known with Ucha, the producer, who has a great history as a university professor, told how the transition from academic life to the countryside was. “My grandparents and my parents left this legacy to us. I spent part of my life on the farm and then went to do something else. There came a fundamental moment when I needed to return to my origins, and it was the best thing I could have done. Today I see how I am honoring everything my family did for me and my siblings”. With over 10 years in the specialty coffee business, she says that the most important thing to produce these distinct beans is the will and perseverance in the search for more studies and significant improvements.


Fabiana Carvalho, creator of The Coffee Sensorium and Neuroscientist at Unicamp, also participated in the meeting. Her lectures and courses have been successful over the past four years, marking her presence in important events such as Re:co, International Symposium presented by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and in training courses for baristas and roasters both in Brazil and other countries. She explains that special coffees need to reach such a high level as wine did, which today is seen and understood by consumers as a complex beverage with added value, where all its sensory and production characteristics will be essential for its acquisition. “We need to show the consumer that it is coming now in the special coffee that this drink goes beyond the cup, that it is an experience and not only a product”.


Maria Dirceia Mendes, SMC manager and Evelyse Silva, external market manager of Cooxupé branch in Santos, were also present on the transmission and contributed with their experiences as women on coffee commercial negotiations and how they conquered their spaces. Both have years of experience in the market and shared some moments of their careers with the audience that was following the transmission.


“Donas do Café” seeks to promote the specialty coffees of women coffee producers and to introduce them to this market, bringing knowledge, successful partnerships and recognition.


To watch the full live version of Cooxupé’s Youtube page, just click here.