Our Coffee Is More Than Special!

After the first award of the Especialíssimo program, we visited each of the top 10, getting to know closely the origin of the coffees that made history in 2019, in a celebration that we will remember forever. Some of them were already familiar with high quality coffees, but had never achieved such a positive result, and this recognition by the cooperative made all the difference. For others, it was a surprise to realize the potential of their production.

José Antônio Lemos, Fazenda Itajaó, in Carmo do Rio Claro-MG

José Antônio Lemos was one of those who had the first special result. After the technical follow-up he had from the Cooxupé center in Carmo do Rio Claro, Sul de Minas, and the efforts to produce a different lot, José finally received the news that his coffee could be traded with added value by SMC and also participate in an award ceremony. “People were telling me to ‘let go’ of it, that it wasn’t going to work out, but I was insistent and in the end I succeeded”. The coop member, owner of Fazenda Itajaó, won second place in the final classification. Also from the same region, Joaquim Pereira received the fourth place award, sharing the joy with his son, Guilherme, who accompanied him during all the processes.

Edenilson de Carvalho, producer and cooperator from Caldas district, also in South de Minas, reached the first place. His coffee, from Sítio Mãe da Providência, received the highest score and many compliments from the tasting team. “It was a great joy seeing my dream coming true, and I am very grateful to the people who helped and supported me, because this way, my achievement makes sense, when there is gratitude”.

Edenilson de Carvalho with his Family at Sítio Mãe da Providência, Distrito de Caldas-MG

One of the highlights of the ranking was the coffee of Nair Gonçalves, who’s 107 years old and received the award of the tenth place of the 2019 Especialíssimo Award, by the hands of Adriano José, who today is responsible, along with her granddaughter, Nara, for the São Miguel Farm.

Adriano Muniz is a great partner of SMC, already familiar with the specialty coffees and a pioneer in coffee farming in his region, Cabo Verde. Leading the Fazenda das Almas alongside his sons Matheus and Thiago, he received the sixth place award with one of his special micro lots. Cabo Verde has been outstanding for the exceptional quality of its coffees, and was also the third and seventh place in the ranking. Marcelo Martins and Guilherme Cássio received all the teachings from their parents in order to pursue a career in coffee farming.

On the same list are Cláudio César Zamarco, from Monte Santo de Minas, Eliandro Zaneti, from Botelhos and José Carlos de Ibitiúra. You can check their testimonials on our Instagram, in the IGTV tab.