Award season of 2019 for the specialty coffees

Edenilson Aparecido de Carvalho with his wife, Ciomara and daughter, Fabiana with the presenter Paula Varejão
In 2016, an idea arose from a need: to have a project developed to give opportunities to the more than 14,000 Cooxupé cooperative members in the specialty coffee market. Thus, in a partnership between SMC and Cooxupé, the cooperative members began to have more contact with this niche. The first step was the lectures with professor and researcher Flávio Borém from the Federal University of Lavras. With a complete and didactic content, the professor talked about harvest, post-harvest and conquering the high quality by modifying some steps along the production. The second step was to give training to Cooxupé’s agronomists and to the classifiers and tasters, so that they could learn more about the subject and be able to help the cooperative members. See below how the program flow was assembled:
The result was so satisfactory that in 2019 we took another step: to give the program its own identity, naming it “Especialíssimo” (“more than special” if freely translated). To give more visibility and honor those who worked hard to achieve excellence, an award ceremony was held for the 50 best specialty coffees of the 2019 harvest. Edenilson Aparecido de Carvalho, from the city of Caldas (MG), won first place and another twenty-five thousand Reais. José Antônio Lemos, from Carmo do Rio Claro (MG), with all his joy and irreverence, was the vice-champion, winning twenty thousand Reais. Marcelo Vinícius Martins, from Cabo Verde (MG), was in third place and received his prize of fifteen thousand Reais.
From the left to the right: Marcelo Vinícius Martins, Edenilson de Carvalho and José Antônio Lemos. The top three Especialíssimo award.
  Do you want to know more about the Especialissimo Program? Click here and download our full presentation. CUP OF EXCELLENCE: Besides the program Especialíssimo and its repercussion, we had the honor of supporting Edir José de Carvalho, brother of Edenilson, winner of the first place in the Especialíssimo Award, who with his specialty coffee got the eighth place in the Cup of Excellence, the biggest coffee quality contest in the world.
Thalles, son of Edir de Carvalho, representing his father at the Cup of Excellence Awards in Lavras/MG
Celebrating its twenty years, the Cup of Excellence has returned to its roots and its 2019 edition took place at the Federal University of Lavras. Edir’s son was present to represent his father and take home his certificate, a reason of pride for the whole family.